Tarthalete Mohito


Ingredients: Bergamoet Musas (drinking water, milk, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, drowned milk milk  powder, emulsifier soy lecithin , natural vanilla flavoring), cream, sugar , Egg yolks, Bergamot puree (bergamot), gelatin); rum, mint gel (drinking water, sugar, white rum 37.5%, gelatin, mint (3%), lime peel); Tarthalete (rice flour, almond flour, butter , corn flour, icing sugar, Eggs , corn starch, drinking water, salt); mint biscuit (sugar, gluten free flour (gluten -free wheat starch, lupine flour, corn flour, flax flour , thickener: guar flour, sugar, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin, dough raising (E450, E500), salt), eggs , oil, mint (9%), lime lime juice, rising material for baking powder (wheat starch, sodium carbonate arrangements, acidic diphosphates), lime peel); cream ( eggs , sugar, butter , lime juice, drink water, mint (3%), lime peel , gelatin); cocoa butter.

(Possible gluten traces).

Net amount of 0.070 kg Holding Terms: 0 </ Span> c…+6 C.

Nutrition 100g product

Energy value


of which saturated fatty acids


of which sugar



1211 kJ/290.2 kcal

18.1 g

8.0 g

26.7 g

23.4 g

5.3 g

0.2 g