Cake Ferrari 2 kg


Biscuit - Protein Cake with Butter Caramel cream

Ingredients: Butter Caramel Cream 80% (Margarine (Vegetable Oils and Fat (Fat (Palm, Coconut)), Oils (Sunflower), Water, Emulsifiers (E475, E471), Salt, Acidity Regulating Material citric acid, preservative (E202), fragrances, caramel -flavored thermostable filling (sugar, water, glucose and fructose syrup (from wheat), modified corn starch), dyes caramel, titanium dioxide, capsanthin, stabilizers, stabilizers Gelan resin, carboxymethylcellulose, acidity regulating Mono, di, and tri-citrus citrate, fragrances, salt, emulsifier fatty acid mono- and diglycerides, antioxidant sodium metabisulphite), sweetened milk (milk, sugar), soluble coffee drinks. Inka '(roasted barley, rye, chicory, sugar beet); protein semi -finished 10% (egg whites, sugar); biscuit 10% (eggs, drinking water Oh, wheat flour (flour treatment material - ascorbic acid), sugar, paste colco (water, emulsifiers of fatty acids mono- and diglycerides, fatty acid polyglycerol esters, natural flavoring (orange)), rising material for baking powder (wheat flour, dough, dough The derivative sodium acid carbonate, disodium diphosphate, acidity regulating citric acid).

(Possible Nuts traces).

Holding Terms: +2 C ...+6 c.

Nutrition 100g Product

Energy Value


of which saturated fatty acids


of which sugar




1710kj/ 409 kcal

21.0 g

8.0 g

50.0 g

42.0 g

0.4 g

4.7 g

0.0 g